Mummy Is Sick, But I Love You

By Author Cheryl Slade


“In this debut picture book, a mother reassures her child about her own illness… She tells him that “Mummy” must visit many doctors… But in each case, the narrator assures her child that she loves him …. One nice feature is how the boy’s stuffed bunny appears in every scene and often echoes his moods…. The book’s affectionate tone is evident, and Slade echoes professional advice about expressing hope and soothing fears…. Warmhearted and sensitive.” (Kirkus Reviews). 

A wonderful, reassuring book for children amd families during times of great stress and personal challenge. A great resoirce for famlies and anyone working in the health and community care sector.

Jenny Allen

About the Author

Cheryl Slade


Cheryl Slade, 33 years old, living in Romsey Victoria, is married to James Slade and mother to Carson Slade (2 years old) with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Cheryl Slade is a Secondary School teacher by career and devout mother by heart. Cheryl has taught at various very low socio-economic and alternative schools such as Roxburgh College and Candlebark School in Victoria and Shepardson College and Nyangatjatjara College in Remote Northern Territory. Cheryl was diagnosed in December 2017 with Stage 2, Grade 3, Triple Negative Breast Cancer at 32 years old after Carson found the lump in her breast whilst breastfeeding. Cheryl completed 12 intravenous chemotherapy rounds, lumpectomy surgery, 30 rounds of radiation and 3 months of twice daily oral chemotherapy tablets. Cheryl was given the all clear and the words ‘no evidence of disease’ in January 2019. In between weekly appointments for her son and herself, she loves going to church, playing on the trampoline with Carson, studying various subjects such as lactation consultancy and writing. Cheryl has found a new lease on life and loves spreading positivity where ever she goes. Contact the Author Via: